About Us

HAPC Primary Objectives

Our primary objective is to increase access and/or availability of health, legal, academic, and social services.


  • Encouraging policy makers and donors to adopt equitable resource allocation practices
  • Assuring that Haitians are treated fairly within the legal and/or immigration system
  • Raising community awareness of rights, opportunities, and responsibilities,
  • Securing sufficient financial and human resources to implement HAPC’s activities
  • Facilitating infrastructure development in Haiti via technical assistance and capacity building.


We continuously research and assess community conditions to identify gaps and trends, develop and implement programs/projects; train other professionals in health and social services delivery, encourage and enable pertinent components of the social services systems to coalesce and coordinate efforts, and effectively advocate for Haitian Americans having access to community services.

Advocacy • Humanitarian Medical Missions   •   Civic Engagement   •   Covid-19 Initiatives

HAPC Promotes Community Connectedness

HAPC promotes community connectedness, civic participation, capacity building, and infrastructure development. HAPC is dedicated to active collaboration through interprofessional collaboration and effective partnerships.  HAPC fosters relationships between the community, diverse service providers, and socioeconomically influential individuals.

By accomplishing the above-stated activities, HAPC provides an opportunity for the Haitian Communities in the U.S. and Haiti to grow personally and professionally. HAPC strives toward the following social, health, legal, and economic goals for Haitians:


  • Reduction of health disparities
  • Adequate shelter and nutrition
  • Quality education and access to high education
  • Humanitarian assistance to Haiti
  • Build a network of volunteer Haitian professionals
  • Ability to manage psychosocial stressors
  • Access to information and technology
  • Economic prosperity including trade