A Message From The Chairperson



It is with grace and honor that I greet you as the Chairwoman of the Haitian American Professionals Coalition. HAPC is a collection of great minds and we look forward to working with each and everyone of you to improve our community. I love and enjoy building urban communities for a living. The Haitian-American Community has a special place in my heart.


It is important that the presence of Haitian American professionals is felt throughout the development of their neighborhoods. As HAPC grows and evolves, my hope is for it to provide assistance to local businesses, curate meaningful cultural experiences, and promote opportunities for direct engagement with decision makers in government.


With your participation, HAPC will continue to produce and help facilitate activities that celebrate and honor the richness of Haitian culture and enable others to touch it. The Haitian Diaspora is currently going through the growing pains of rapid redevelopment. Our goal is to help communities evolve to their fullest potential. The mission of the Haitian American Professionals Coalition (HAPC) is to mobilize and link professionals of diverse occupations in order to effectively address issues relevant to the community and to provide opportunities for growth and development. We hope to foster cultural pride in the Haitian-American community, preserve the legacy of Haitian American leaders that have come before us, and facilitate programming that can serve as the anchor to drive growth. HAPC is a conduit for change because of the core associations it has brought together in the past years and the voice of empowerment it is for the future.


Together, we embrace the contributions of Haitian Americans, as they continue to help our communities change for the better on their own terms. From the new attorney to the veteran teacher, both have a vital place in our neighborhoods and more importantly, their leadership is critical to our continuity. We vow to do our best to facilitate opportunities for the power brokers and change makers of our communities. They often don’t realize the impact they can make. HAPC is here to serve and protect….I look forward to making sure that we serve and protect to the best of our abilities.

In service,
Sandy Dorsainvil, HAPC

Message from the Executive Director


We are a community bridged by the advancement of our respective professions and the progression of the Haitian American community locally and at-Large. When we speak of the organizations that are members of this coalition, they all have a passion to elevate our Haitian pride through servanthood, leadership, and community engagement. As the newly appointed Executive Director of the Haitian American Professionals Coalition (HAPC), I seek to bring my dedication and commitment from someone who has grown up in the South Florida area during the time when Haitians were fighting for due process after arriving to Miami as immigrants in leaving Haiti for a number of reasons.


I am honored for such opportunity to serve, and the next two years will be about strengthening the tapestry of skills and talent within our core organization members and their memberships. Through this position, there is an opportunity to have HAPC to continue being a voice in addressing the issues that our community is facing on all levels.


When HAPC was created in 2001, it was to gather various groups of Haitian-American professionals to mobilize and link a plethora of these professional organizations to provide opportunities for growth and development collectively. The vision is to continue on the path and this will not be possible without the increase of collaborations with various partners to bring more of an impact to the coalition to continue the great work we have started 17 years ago. We hope that you will join us on this journey as we cannot have a lasting impression on our communities in need without you. May we stay true to our purpose, our heritage, and our future.

Fayola Delica, BSHSE, BSN, RN
HAPC, Executive Director